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Impeccable Luxury: Aman Venice Redefines Opulence and Personalized Service in the Heart of Historic Venice

Aman Venice Exterior
Aman Venice Exterior

I arrived in Venice on a beautifully sunny day. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was as inviting as ever, and the water taxi I opted to take was making its way through the city's canals. As the boat glided through the water, I looked in awe at the historical and dilapidated buildings.

As the taxi pulled up to the dock of the Aman Venice, I let my eyes roam the exterior of the building, taking in the true aesthetic of this luxury property. It stands out in comparison to its surroundings. The structures around it are slightly discolored, yet the Aman shines in comparison with its cream walls.

Upon arrival, I was greeted on the dock by a bellman who was immediately ready to take our bags and not allow us to touch our items. As I walk across the wooden dock and towards the front doors of the property, I gaze upon the white walls, mixed with the traditional elements of Venetian history scattered around the lobby, and can’t help but be entranced with the large iron doors and balcony railings. No detail has been left behind in the design of the Aman, and you can tell upon first inspection.

As I approached the reception desk for check-in, we were greeted by a warm smile, and staff who already knew my name and reservation details before I could even give it to them myself. They explained the special amenities we had included with the Signature travel booking, and then gave us an in-depth tour of the property itself.

The staff described the hotel's tale, the renovations that took place, and the restoration efforts to preserve the 15th—and 18th-century buildings while staying true to the Aman brand. Across the immaculate property, you can see the al fresco paintings on the ceilings, gold adorning the rooms, and grand chandeliers, while the furniture and small details are what you have come to expect from their design concept.

Warm brown tones combine with traditional elegance to give this an array of opulence that is truly the marriage of the city's surroundings and Aman's concept.


I make my way outside to the courtyard overlooking the Grand Canale and admire the area's attractiveness. The large expanse of grass and the stone walkways lead directly to a few tables, which are directly over the water, only caged in by a fence and short wall. Flowers and vines crawl up the fencing, and I marvel at the sun bouncing off the water, feeling like I am in an oasis instead of the middle of a bustling city. It is magical already, and I haven’t even stepped foot into the room.

Following lunch in the courtyard, we made our way to the room, and I was beguiled. The room was large, at least 50-60 meters, which is huge for Europe, especially in a city like Venice. The white walls, with the stark difference in the brown accent wall, and the touches of black and dark wood further enhance the masculine excellence.

The bathtub is stand-alone and placed right next to the window. It overlooks the courtyard and lagoon view, allowing you to soak in the tub and enjoy the views together.

But one of my favorite aspects was the box filled with every single bathroom amenity you could need. It saved me the hassle of having to call the front desk in case I forgot items. This is a nice touch that more hotels should offer to their clientele.             

I would be missing the opportunity if I didn't mention the rooftop they have in the Aman. It is impressive, a small area decorated in hues of orange, brown, and white. What makes it special? It's the fact that you can be left to your own privacy, there is no bar or restaurant up there, just a comfortable area. However, if you want service, it is one button away. The best of both worlds.

Most impressively, the service level was unmatched in this hotel. When I would leave to go into the city and explore, I would come back and the front desk staff was promptly there waiting to open the door, with our room keys in hand, a huge smile on their faces, and greeting by first and last name. The property only has 25 rooms, which truly makes the experience more personal, and you can feel it everywhere you go on the hotel grounds.


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