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Valiant Lady: Virgin Voyages’ Adults-Only Cruise Revolution

Updated: Jun 27

Virgin Voyages is redefining the cruise industry with its innovative approach to premium cruising, and its second ship, Valiant Lady, which debuted in 2021, embodies this fresh perspective. Virgin Voyages continues to refine its product, standing apart from the trends of other mass-market lines by offering a unique, adult-centric experience that combines fun, relaxation, and a touch of luxury.

Adults-Only Playground

One of the most striking aspects of Virgin Voyages is its adults-only policy. This immediately sets them apart from most other cruise lines, creating a playground designed exclusively for adults. The atmosphere on board is a lively mix of freedom and sophistication, catering to those who want to let loose as well as those seeking tranquility. The ship offers numerous relaxation spots and ample opportunities to unwind, particularly during the day when the vibe is more subdued. They even offer a tattoo shop on board, showing how unique this truly is.

Inclusive Dining and Connectivity

Dining is a highlight on Valiant Lady, with all restaurants included in the fare except for one. This means guests can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences without worrying about additional costs. From fine dining to casual eateries, the ship’s dining options cater to all tastes. Additionally, every fare includes a basic Wi-Fi package, ensuring that guests can stay connected while at sea.

Vibrant Decor and Unique Experiences

Virgin Voyages is known for its love of color, which is evident throughout Valiant Lady’s public spaces and suites. The rooms feature pops of red and purple, adding character and vibrancy not often seen with other cruise lines. The elevators, adorned with engaging protections, contribute to the ship's interactive and lively atmosphere. A highlight of the voyage is the Sunset Soirée, a signature event where guests are encouraged to wear red outfits. This event transforms the ship into a high-energy party, turning the excitement up to eleven.

A Welcoming and Diverse Environment

The enthusiasm among guests to experience what Virgin Voyages has to offer is palpable, and the staff plays a significant role in enhancing this experience. The crew on Valiant Lady is remarkably diverse, contributing to an inclusive and welcoming environment. This diversity is one of the ship's standout features, adding to the unique atmosphere that Virgin Voyages strives to create.

An Acquired Taste

Virgin Voyages’ approach is distinct and may not appeal to everyone. From the moment you step on board, the ship pulses with EDM music, setting a high-energy tone that some may find invigorating, while others might prefer a quieter ambiance. Additionally, Virgin places a strong emphasis on health and fitness, offering more wellness activities and facilities than the average cruise line. This focus on well-being is perfect for those who enjoy staying active and healthy, even while on vacation.

Continual Refinement

Virgin Voyages is committed to listening to feedback and continually improving their offering. They have expanded their food options to better cater to their primarily US-based clientele, demonstrating a willingness to adapt and refine an already compelling product. This attention to guest feedback ensures that the experience on Valiant Lady is always evolving and improving.

Looking Ahead

As Virgin Voyages continues to innovate and expand, there is much to look forward to. The upcoming debut of Brilliant Lady in 2025 promises even more exciting developments for the brand. With its unique approach to adult cruising, vibrant decor, inclusive dining, and commitment to guest satisfaction, Virgin Voyages is set to continue making waves in the cruise industry.

Valiant Lady offers a cruise experience like no other, tailored for adults who seek both excitement and relaxation. Whether you're drawn to its lively parties, diverse dining options, or serene relaxation spots, there's something for everyone on board. Virgin Voyages is not just another cruise line; it’s a bold reimagining of what cruising can be, and Valiant Lady is at the forefront of this revolution.



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